What is it?
SCD stand for "Specific Carbohydrate Diet". This diet is designed to treat a variety of conditions, including Crohn's Disease, Colitis, and Diverticulitis.

Who created it?
The diet was developed by Dr. Sydney Haas in the 1920s, and popularized by Elaine Gottschall in the 1990s. You can read the full history here.

What can I eat?
Here is the full Legal/Illegal List.

Broadly, you can eat:
Meat, fish, poultry, and eggs
Most vegetables, excluding starchy varieties like potatoes and corn
Most beans
Aged dairy, like hard cheeses and milk

What can't I eat?
Sugar, maple syrup, agave, or artificial sweeteners
Rice, quinoa, corn
Milk and soft cheeses, like mozzerella

Where can I learn more?
There are many online resources. If you are ready to try the diet, I recommend starting with Breaking the Vicious Cycle, which explains the diet and transition plan in full detail. You can purchase it here.

Is it important to follow the intro diet?
Yes, it's important to start slow when you begin SCD. I recommend following the steps outlined in Breaking The Vicious Cycle.

Is it important to make the SCD yogurt?
Some people sweat by it, but listen to your body. I have a dairy allergy, so it wasn't helpful for me.

Will it cure me?
I wouldn't say "cure", but it can significantly reduce symptoms. When I follow it closely, I am symptom-free. You may find it works best combined with other therapies. 

Where's the evidence?
Here, here, and here. You can read patient stories about the diet here.